Some tips to earn money in front of the screen of your PC or smartphone

The internet is one of the best ways to earn money while staying at home. Yes, it is quite possible to make ends meet by targeting the best sources of online income. Our goal is to make you discover its means there, so discover without delay the best tips to earn money on the net in  front of the screen of your computer or smartphone.

What attitude to adopt to work on the Internet?

To earn money while staying at home, you have to stay curious on all fronts. The goal is to learn about all the potential opportunities present on the web and especially those which are the most profitable. Also, you must always have your feet on the ground because a lack of lucidity could cause great damage on certain tips.

Training and learning are therefore useful in creating a strong motivation by boosting one’s self-confidence. In other words, to believe in his value and his skills to push the destiny further.

This motivation must be accompanied by strong perseverance because as they say: efforts always pay off sooner or later. All this to say that it is impossible to make money overnight . It takes time, insight, and a certain process to come out on top. And given that the world of the Internet is a risky universe which requires great vigilance in the face of scams, it is still necessary to know how to identify and dodge them.

Some call it the “spirit” or the state of mind, and what is certain is that you have to have the right mindset to be successful.

The best tips for making money from your screen

1- Paid surveys to earn money safely and quickly on the Internet

Before launching their products, brands invest heavily in marketing, and especially in market research. This is to assess the success of the product with potential consumers. This is a crucial step because it allows manufacturers to make some improvements to their products before their final launch on the market.

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One of the methods used to perform this test is the paid survey . It must be said that this is a boon for Internet users because with the meteoric rise of digital technology, almost all of these processes are done directly online. Sites like Moolineo , Loonea , or Toluna are specialized in this area. All you have to do is register to receive a series of questionnaires by e-mail focusing on the specifics of the product.

To earn money while staying at home thanks to this type of paid surveys , you must answer as many questions as possible in all objectivity. The more the number of products judged increases, the more points the person accumulates. At a certain threshold, these points will be converted into euros and can even be paid on Paypal , enough to inflate his wallet at the right time.

It is still important to note that registration on survey sites is completely free . Be careful, the sites which ask for a participation fee for the validation of a profile are surely scam sites.

2- Online games to earn money while having fun

Having fun and earning money while staying at home is quite possible thanks to the various games available on the Internet. Whether a beginner or already experienced, each player can find his account.

Although free games sites with immediate winnings are becoming increasingly rare in France today because of the strictness of the regulations in force, the Internet does not lack good plans to satisfy the winning instinct of each player. So, to get the best rewards, you just have to devote part of your free time to it. For example, the Française des jeux (FDJ) is a good reference in this area . To draw its wealth there is a dream quite accessible especially for the lucky ones. For their part, the Loto and the Euromillions are not to be outdone with an increasingly growing popularity and gain for certain jackpots.

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As for scratch cards , it is one of the favorite games of the French. In addition, to participate, you no longer need to travel: you just have to buy and scratch the tickets directly on your smartphone or tablet by going to the FDJ website , and voila!

But if the player prefers to gain the upper hand and not get carried away by chance, all he has to do is opt for online betting, the most common bets being sports betting. Thanks to football, basketball, horse racing or other sports activities, it is possible to bet any amount and get your sesame with a good prognosis. Finally, Internet poker is also a big source of profit, the only downside is that it requires certain know-how to bluff your opponents.

Earn money thanks to the profession of the Web

Whether for the creation of an e-commerce site, a blog, or a hosting site; the market is still very demanding.

Regarding online sales, it is definitely one of the best ways to make money on the Internet although it is an activity requiring a certain amount of financial investment. Anyway, it is a small sacrifice to make, especially in the field of ” dropshipping ” where the constitution of prior stock is not mandatory. Indeed, to be successful, all you have to do is find a partnership with suppliers with high growth potential and play the role of the intermediary through the relevance and ergonomics of the content of your site. Once orders are placed by customers, the products will be delivered, allowing the site owner to earn commissions.

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As for blogs, they are currently considered one of the most popular information vehicles for Internet users. In many ways, these platforms can act as infallible visibility support to nest other commercial sites (the affiliation) or to launch its own products or services online. Some bloggers earn up to 1000 euros per month per blog thanks to this technique.

Earn money by shopping with cashback

The principle of cash-back is simple: consumers buy products from a commercial brand partner of a cashback application and the latter reimburses part of their shopping. In other words, as purchases are made from stores eligible for the offer, points accumulate and turn into euros at the end of each period.

Note that the cash-back collection can only be done when a certain payment threshold is reached . In addition, the customer has the choice between receiving gift vouchers or receiving, in his bank or Paypal account, a transfer the amount of which is equivalent to the reimbursement.

This process is both practical and economical to earn money without worry (the amount of the discount can vary from 3 to 30% of the amount of each race). In addition, to retain their customers or simply to mark a special event, several cashback sites offer this type of “gift” by simply using their application.


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