How To Start Making Money Blogging – Can You Make Money Blogging?

How to Make Money Blogging and How to Blog. What do you need to pay for? The first step is of course the domain, is the name of your website, and at the same time and address, then hosting, i.e. the place where they will be on your website files (server). The cost of the domain is 12 zł per year, depending on the payment for hosting 30 zł per month if the company offers a hosting service.

Then install the WordPress software, which is free, very complex and very well positioned on Google. Thanks to the WordPress CMS, I created a professional blog.

Blog “heart” your business, your main haven tool, It will affect your business. Reading to the end, I was revealing the details of how to make a blog through an effective scheme that is proven in internet business, built on the basis of affiliate programs, network marketing, Adsense advertising , or blogging.

Next thing you need is a multiple autoresponder, which is a tool to send out bulk emails. So in summary you need three basic one marketing tools without which business building and making money online will not be possible!

  1. Hosting + Domain
  2. WordPress blog
  3. Autoresponder

How To Make Money On The Blog Thanks To The Mailing List?

Content that you publish on your blog needs to be unique, contains valuable information. Publish articles that solve the problems that people are looking for, give them as much information as, offer advice to people that have a problem with something. You build it yourself, relationships and start creating your picture.

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You put on the blog form to write your mailing list.

By placing valuable advice, you are observing the phenomenon of “marketing attractive”. This is a pattern of actions and picture strategies that make that people even want to enter on your mailing list. And this list is the most valuable because the exact target audience is interested in the topic.

Mailing List Is The Key To Success In The Internet Business!

It is well worth investing and devoting some time into completing copywriting training. It is the art of writing compelling texts that direct and intrigue potential customers and partners to get the expected response.

In order to effectively build a well-developed mailing list to earn a satisfactory amount of blog, you need to best execute this most important phase of your marketing system.

You must now set up its “autoresponderze” queue messages at an interval of about two days. Remember to use catchy headlines, valuable and transparent text and don’t write about your company in the first email! Offer free training, guide, free report, or help solve a problem.

People on your mailing list, you have to treat as friends and m give you how much value for free. Of course not, you did something for someone, but advise how to do it, suggest some tested ready and working solutions, or suggest how to make AdSense ads on the blog.

How do contacts acquire on the mailing list?

The most valuable visitor to your blog should come from Google search. Why? Since it hit the person, Especially those who are looking for information about what’s on your blog. It is therefore very important factor is writing articles for SEO, ie. contains the searched keywords.

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Another great source of traffic to your blog page is on Facebook Fanpage. Post material on them from your blog, recorded webinars, training, current trends. Also create notes (mini-articles) that can be very good at promoting. Without a fan page, or a Facebook account, making money on blogs would be much more difficult. On the incomplete, your online business would be without such a strong source of traffic and fans.

YouTube channels can also generate valuable visitors to your blog. Record video presentations, video tutorials and share them on YouTube. Optimize your keywords and a link to your blog. Video marketing is a very effective method of marketing. Many who want to make money online on their blogs have started to use this excellent tool and eye. no wonder – it’s very effective.

Activity on the discussion board you are looking for a niche that also leads to high quality traffic to your blog. Speak on the topics you know, offer advice, help someone solve a problem, and people will ask for your business. Link to your blog in profile, or footer.a possible, want you to be paid blog, or any other business where you do.

Using this automated system to make a blog will become a steady source of income and without long work, and acquiring business partners will no longer be that difficult already.

To blog paid , you need to know how to blog and what to do so it looks professional. During the useful training, various topics related to creating a good blog are discussed. How To Choose A Niche For A Blog? How To Choose A Blog Template?

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Choosing the right domain for your blog. The choice of hosting for your blog. Which to choose, being blog, or hosting on your own blog? Install a blog based on WordPress platform. Choosing the graphic our blog. Customize template, translation template. Connect plugins to the blog. 


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