How to make money in the summer

Since you have more free time, the summer period is a good opportunity to make some extra income – here are some ideas for making money in the summer.

Summer is usually forged on the idea of ​​a holiday, but not always and not for everyone, or at least, not only. To round up, in fact, from the students to those forced to do odd jobs, the summer offers opportunities to make extra money.

Whether you are in town or not, finding an opportunity to make money for the summer can be not only useful – even if it is only small amounts – but also fun, as it can offer new experiences that we would never have thought of. to face.

So here are some ideas on how to make money in the summer.

Bathing facilities

Bathing establishments can be a good way to make business and pleasure coincide during the summer. You can, in fact, earn something, even if you find yourself in a pleasant summer holiday resort. It can be a good way to cover your travel expenses.

An idea could be to arrange the holidays according to the place that will take us to work. Thus, it will be possible to make some money, without giving up the sea and swimming or evening walks on the beach.

The catering sector

The catering sector can also offer the same possibility as bathing establishments. For those who may not be in possession of lifeguard patents or similar certifications that could help in the search for a job at the seaside resorts, there is always the possibility of getting hired as a waiter for table service.

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In fact, this type of work is often based on a flexible schedule or is mainly carried out in evening shifts. This means that we will have the opportunity not only to have some free time but also to visit a new place, a tourist destination, while also earning some money.

Tourist village entertainer or tour guide

To be an entertainer in tourist villages, you need strong attitudes to entertainment. To work as a tour guide, on the other hand, you need to have a minimum of experience in the sector.

However, for those who fall into these two categories, it might be a good idea to combine vacation and income, at least to cover the expenses to be faced in the summer and enjoy a nice trip in the name of novelty.

Baby sitter or dog sitter

Being a dog sitter or babysitter can take place on vacation, but also while staying in the city. It is perhaps a more appropriate job to be carried out in the city of origin, where you can have the possibility of a greater network of contacts that can lead to greater trust.

In any case, both solutions can be a solution to make money in the summer and this is even more true for the youngest, who can aspire to occasional jobs even by searching for them on various online platforms.

Selling used items

It is not a foregone solution to put used items for sale, or rather, to find the time to make a mega review of our useless things and create online ads or take them to flea markets.

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In this way, perhaps the gain may not be immediate or completely assured, but in the total indifference of summer afternoons closed at home, it can undoubtedly be a good way to tidy up superfluous things and give them new life in the name of recycling. By doing this, we will also have the possibility of an extra income, depending on the type of items we sell.

School repetitions

A further solution to making money in the summer is to take the path of tutoring for students of all ages. This is especially true for college students, who can certainly make themselves useful and save some money this way.

In fact, summer is precisely the period in which those who attend school must recover some subjects or fill some gaps. This means that we could search online advertisements for children or young people who need support and – if we have the necessary skills – we would certainly be of help.


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