How to earn money while sleeping?

I propose here to discover some excellent solutions to allow you to establish a source of passive income, to earn money without stressing you all day long. It has nothing to do with the easy gain that some people hold out to you. 

Keep savings safe under the mattress, protecting them from speculation

Top 11 solutions to make money while sleeping

 I have selected better solutions for you that will help you earn passive income without having to work every day or just make money while sleeping when the machine is up. You can combine two, three or even four of these solutions to increase your chances of making more money. 

1. Become YouTuber and earn money while sleeping 

The professional YouTuber is the one who, through his YouTube channel, regularly posts videos for which he owns the copyright. The quality of the videos and the frequency of their publication are likely to generate more traffic, therefore more views. This allows you to monetize your YouTube channel for the purpose of earning money. Google’s advertising network may, for example, offer you to publish ads on your channel in exchange for remuneration. Because your target audience interests advertisers. Getting there takes a lot of work and patience. What I advise you is to choose the niche of your YouTube channel. An interesting niche capable of attracting many more visitors. Take the time you need to promote your YouTube channel and put

2. Acquire and resell domain names Investing 

a portion of your savings in the domain name business can actually earn you money. Indeed, you can buy a domain name and work it so that it generates more traffic for the purpose of reselling it very expensive later. It’s a money-making business, even while sleeping. And for good reason, many companies are looking to buy domain names with a large audience. So enjoy it! 

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3. Become a blogger

 It is a solution that can net you a lot of money if you know how to go about it. Indeed, making profitable the creation of a blog requires a lot of work and resources. Once your blog is created, you have to feed it with quality content in order to attract more visitors. So, if you don’t have a good pen to write articles for your blog on your own, you should definitely consider hiring one or two web writers. These will help you write content in exchange for remuneration. This allows you to have a stock of articles to post regularly on your blog to hook your visitors. As your blog audience grows stronger thanks to your publishing efforts, you can take the monetization step and start making money while sleeping and stress-free on a daily basis. A tip: target a fairly original and specific niche for the creation of your blog. The advantage of a specialized blog is to have a well-targeted audience to which you can even sell services and products that actually meet their expectations.

 4. Become a writer and earn money while sleeping 

This is a great opportunity for anyone with an easy and attractive pen. If you love to write, why not take this opportunity! A book written and published will earn you money for years to come. Publishing houses are ready to accompany you if you have the intellectual baggage necessary to create bestsellers! Even while sleeping, you will receive your percentage after each sale made. But thanks to the internet, you also have the possibility of writing e-books and selling them on certain shopping platforms including Amazon. 

5. Rent out empty homes

 In case you have empty accommodations in a well-frequented location, feel free to offer them online to travelers who need them. All you need to do is post a photo of your empty apartment and briefly describe it on platforms like Airbnb. Many globetrotters are looking for rooms to rent

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6. Do dropshipping In the world of e-commerce,

¬†there is a good solution to earn passive income: it is dropshipping. This business consists of creating a merchant platform on which you offer products that you do not have at all in-store. In reality, orders for products on your e-commerce site will be fulfilled directly by your suppliers or manufacturers. AliExpress is one of the suppliers when it comes to dropshipping. So you don’t have to worry about the delivery of the products posted on your platform. What’s interesting is that every order delivered saves you money.¬†

7. Become an online trainer and earn money while sleeping 

Do you have extensive knowledge in a specific field? Do you have the gift of teaching? If so, you can teach distance learning through specialized platforms like Udemy. Your job will be to share your knowledge with others in return for compensation. Clearly, you can sell your courses in different formats (e-book, podcast, etc.). 

8. Invest in real estate

 This business requires enough financial resources, but constitutes a real source of passive income in the long term. Indeed, if you have the means, I advise you above all to make rental investments. For example, you can use part of your savings to buy apartments or buildings which are high profitability assets. There are specialized platforms such as crowdfunding through which you can make your investments at a lower cost. Through these platforms, you will have to participate in collective real estate investment projects. Thus, you will share the income collectively with the other participants of the project.

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 9. Sell photos online

 The reality today is that many companies or organizations are ready to buy images which will be used in particular to design visuals or other communication media. It is a very interesting market for professional photographers. If you are one, now is the time to make some money posting beautiful, licensed photos on the internet. Several platforms offer to download images against payment. So it’s up to you to play if you can take quality photos! 

10. Do affiliate marketing  Business Internet  

It is a solution that many use to earn passive income. With affiliate marketing, you can do your best too. There are a whole host of digital products, from online training programs to affiliate marketing to make a little money without being too embarrassed. For this purpose, it is strongly recommended that you select quality products, buy them and test them for yourself before offering them to your prospects. It is easier to offer people something that you are convinced yourself! If you have a blog or a website that is currently doing well, you just have to set your sights on this solution to earn passive income. You will be able to offer your visitors products that actually meet their expectations. There is a greater chance of them going through the act of buying. Since your product offerings relate to the theme of your blog that these people already liked. 

11. Shop on cashback sites 

This solution is very simple and easy like drinking water. You just have to shop on cashback sites, then in return, those sites give you back a portion of the amount spent. Cashback is a rebate, off the purchases you make. It represents an excellent marketing technique more and more exploited by certain merchant sites. 


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