How to earn money for students?

The desire of the newly-fangled phone child or the fact that he has large pocket expenses does not always match the capabilities of the parents.

A significant number of children find their way out of this situation, finding temporary employment for school children. There are many earnings for children with no professional skills, and we will tell you more about this article.

Work your school children for the weekend

Ideally, if the teenagers work on days outside of school, in order to abandon it. Weekends can be a perfect work option for school children.

For a few days a week, a schoolboy can arrange to post ads, hand out flyers, or participate in promo activities.

Promotion of advertisements. This option of earning is the lowest paid. Steel provides notices to the school child, which he must post to the area indicated by the employer. Takes a little work time – up to five hours a day. The work is not as easy as it might seem at first glance since it will require a lot of walking. A day over 1000 ads need to be pasted. The cost of the stacked stack is up to 7-8 dollars depending on the city.

Distribution of flyers. Distributing handouts is also a good option for school distribution. The only problem they will have to face is employment itself because not all employers trust this task specifically to school children. It’s not uncommon for children to just throw a sheet of paper, and then say they took it away. This work is also paid for posting ads, but it’s much easier to do since you don’t have to deal with leaflets all over the area. Employees distribute alerts at specific hours, in the city’s public areas.

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Promoter. It is more profitable to work on promo promotions because the payment is slightly higher than in previous labors. In addition, if the organizers of the action like the work of the teenager, they can invite him in the future. For the student himself, the work of a promoter can be interesting, because dressing up in a happy suit and company of young people can be daunting.

Work for school children for the summer

Summer holidays by virtue of their range provide more options for students. School students can’t put so much in place, including courier services, cafes, and car routes. Payment here is already much higher than for temporary part-time work.

Public catering establishments. The main work in cafes, restaurants and fast food is that it provides free meals. There are difficulties with employment, as many establishments can make a teenager only in touch. For jobs, they are mostly ancillary workers or cleaners. It is also difficult to get a car wash, but if you are lucky, the earnings on summer work can be comparable to the salaries of adults.

Courier service. Working as a courier for school children is an acceptable option. He doesn’t have to sit in the office all day at work. In a day, it usually takes up to 5-6 orders and you can earn it well, from about $ 150 a month and up.

Internet as a work for home school member

The way to earn money for students can be on the Internet. There can be several types of earnings here:

  • the disciplinary decision, the writing of the abstracts;
  • copyrighted texts and transcripts;
  • blogging or creating your own site.
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All forms of earnings assume the existence of a computer, Internet access, and, of course, literacy.

With the control decision and the songs written, everything is clear. Copyright and rewriting, in effect, is writing of the presentation, the source on which the employer makes points or offers to yourself. To make it easier, students can decide in advance to write articles only on topics that interest and familiarize them.

You can find a customer on the subject of special exchanges on the Internet.

If a teenager has enough skills and abilities to create his or her own website or blog, they can do this and later post them on the links of their pages from affiliate programs, for transfers through which will be advertised 

to pay. Students can also select a suitable partner program on specialized sites.

The amount of earnings through the Internet depends entirely on the perseverance and ability of the students to work independently.


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