How to earn free cryptocurrencies

Browsing the Internet, you have often read about cryptocurrencies: digital coins that promise to join traditional currency in many areas, from online payments to the use of goods and services and which are characterized by the absence of a central bank.

Furthermore, in recent times, you have noticed that the price of the main cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, has undergone important changes. You have therefore wondered if and how to earn free cryptocurrencies, in order to enter this innovative world, and would like to know if I can give you some information about it.

Preliminary Information

Before explaining in detail the operations to be done to obtain cryptocurrencies completely free, I would like to give you some more information that I am sure will be useful to make the most of the opportunities I am about to present to you.

In fact, you must know that, as in any other field, there are no services or websites that can make you earn cryptocurrencies without getting something in return: so be very careful not to believe those who promise you immediate earnings or those who offer you opportunities that are too good to be true . In the field of cryptocurrencies, still in strong evolution and subject to sudden changes, attempts to scam users are not uncommon.

In the next chapters, therefore, I will explain to you which are the most reliable sites that will allow you to really earn free cryptocurrencies without the risk of scam or broken promises. Precisely for this reason I strongly advise you to read my instructions carefully and to proceed with reading this guide so as not to waste time with deceptive advertisements or scam sites.

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How to earn free cryptocurrencies

If you are ready to find out how to earn free cryptocurrencies , continue reading this guide: you will soon realize that there are many opportunities to get some cryptocurrency without spending money. These occasions are mainly divided into two categories.

The most common method to obtain cryptocurrencies for free is to take advantage of the so-called Airdrops which, as you will discover in the next chapter , are very useful tools to increase the spread of a cryptocurrency by distributing a certain amount of it completely free of charge.

In addition to Airdrops, however, there is another way to get digital currency as a gift. Some websites specialized in cryptocurrencies, in fact, periodically propose events, often in the form of quizzes , which aim to spread knowledge about the functioning of one or more digital currencies and which, as an incentive, allow you to obtain a certain amount for free. .

How to earn free cryptocurrencies with Airdrops

As I mentioned earlier, Airdrops are systems thanks to which emerging cryptocurrencies can be spread among users through their free distribution. Another possible use of Airdrops is to make known services or portals by encouraging their use through the donation of cryptocurrencies as a reward.

New Aridrop are constantly being created on the Web, in such a massive number that it is impossible to keep them in mind and discover them all in a constant and efficient way. For this reason, there are portals designed specifically to help you discover the best Airdrops active on the Web and to guide you in using them. Not all portals of this type, however, are equally reliable or animated by good intentions: for this reason, I recommend that you contact only those with proven reliability, such as .

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To make use of it, the first step you need to take is to open your favorite navigation program , If you don’t know how, I suggest you read my guide on how to download and install Google Chrome.

On the main page of you can have an overview of the main Airdrops on the Web. As you have surely noticed, there are many and they do not immediately allow you to understand which operations to take to obtain the promised cryptocurrencies. Don’t worry though: I’m here to help you understand how this portal works in detail.

The three main sections that make up the portal are the Latest Airdrops , which allows you to explore the latest Airdrops added to the site; the Hottest Airdrops section , which lists the hottest and most used Airdrops of the moment, and the Holder Airdrops section , which includes all the Airdrops for which it is necessary to have a certain amount of cryptocurrency in order to participate. If you want to earn some cryptocurrency quickly and without special prerequisites, the Latest Airdrops and Hottest Airdrops sections are definitely the ones that suit you best.

In the list of Airdrops that make up these two sections you can see that under the title of the Airdrop there is a brief description of the activity in question. The estimated monetary value of the Airdrop, for example, is indicated next to the word Value , and the possibility of increasing your earnings by inviting other people to join the Airdrop is indicated, if present, with the writing + ref next to the value monetary. Furthermore, if it is necessary to own other cryptocurrencies to participate in the Airdrop, for example Bitcoins, the writing For BTC holders is indicated .

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Once you have chosen the Airdrop that seems most promising to you, click on it to enter the page that will give you the instructions to participate in the initiative. In this phase you will have to pay close attention to the instructions given by , as each Airdrop has very precise rules to be able to obtain the promised reward.

As you can see, in the center of the page there is a brief description of the chosen Airdrop. Reading it is very important: in this way you will discover the purposes and reasons for the distribution of cryptocurrency and you can decide if it is for you or if it is better to choose another one.


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