How can I make money from home?

By choice or by necessity: work from home is becoming increasingly popular. Both among companies, which thus avoid unnecessary logistical expenses, and among workers, who organize the day according to their needs, not being forced to carry out their activity for eight hours in an office. Not all those who fill their current account every month without leaving home, however, do so thanks to a steady job. There are those who sit at the kitchen table with pen and paper and begin to mark their resources, materials, and intellectuals, asking themselves: « How can I earn money from home? “

It is impossible to find an answer to this question that is suitable for everyone. The answers are as many as the possibilities of each one, different from each other because the skills of those who would like to stop commuting and work from their living room are different. Or of those who have lost their job or have not yet found it and need to pay rent at the end of the month, to support a family, to pay the mortgage payment and the money from the bills, etc. In short, he needs to earn money from home. At least until things get better and there is a cheaper alternative from every point of view.

There is a third situation that does not include either the commuter who asks for the “detachment” at home because he is tired of wasting hours on the road or the person who has to invent something desperately to make ends meet. It is, instead, that of those who are comfortable working outside the home but want to earn money from home because they want to grant an extra: that journey that has always remained in the drawer because it is too expensive, a more spacious and more powerful car, a two-room apartment at sea ​​or lake for the weekend, a new studio to be obtained by arranging a room in the house or, simply, the possibility of being able to take the family out to dinner with certain diligence, which cannot be done with the current income.

Some of the ways to earn money from home can (or should) become a real job. Others, however, have always had them at hand and they are so banal that you have not even thought about them. Here are some of them.

Making money from home with online markets and auctions

Over the years, you have accumulated so many of those things that, by now, you don’t know where to keep them. Selling the ones you don’t use because you no longer need them is one of the ways to earn money from home.

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With the help of the Internet, you can place an old piece of furniture, the sofa or bed that you have just changed and which is still in good condition, the record collection that you keep in a box because you have switched to the digital world and the turntable no longer works. , the clothes your children wore when they were little and that you have carefully stored.

Another possibility, similar to this, is that of online auctions, to be exploited even if today you have an empty attic. How to make money from home this way? With a little persistence and patience. In practice, you buy an item at a good price (if you find several) and put it back on sale at a slightly higher cost. By doing so, you profit from the difference. Whether it’s a stamp collection, a musical instrument or a rug or piece of furniture to antiques if you have a disposable income a little ‘higher.

Earning from home with teleworking

Here are two options for earning money from home by teleworking. One is to carry out from home the activity that would normally be done in an office. The other is to do extra work, in addition to what guarantees the salary, by taking advantage of new technologies.

The first option is not always up to you: it is the company that decides if your presence is necessary on-site or if you can do everything from home. However, if you are unemployed and you have a PC and an Internet connection at home, teleworking can be a good opportunity: you simply have to communicate electronically with its managers, carry out the work and always send it online.

The second possibility, however, is all in your hands. If your job allows you to have some free time to devote to an extra activity, you can earn money from home by doing an Internet job that guarantees you a fixed income at the end of the month.

For example, you can devote yourself to writing by collaborating with a blog or newspaper. There is no shortage of sites that are looking for people who can propose new topics, original ideas, or interesting content or who simply write pieces on commission.

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Or, if you have a good knowledge of a foreign language, you can dedicate yourself to translations. Or collaborate with some site specializing in music, cinema or literature to write reviews, if you are competent.

The advantages of teleworking are those of the convenience of carrying out this activity from home practically at no cost (you just have to invest time) and flexibility: once the deadline by which you have to deliver your work has been established, you can organize yourself to do it whenever you want or when you can, at the time that suits you best. And you can get paid by wire transfer, so you can receive the money without leaving home.

In case you do it as an employee, it may be useful to know that teleworking has been implemented in Italy by an agreement signed in 2004 by all industrial and artisan associations and trade unions and is regulated by the national contract of the category to which it belongs. the company responsible for the “remote” worker. This means that you have the same rights that you would have if you went to the office every day, while your employer is required to communicate all the relevant information to you: contract applied, services to be performed, reference figure, etc.

Earn from home with online trading

In addition to furniture, carpets, record or stamp collections, and so on, there is another type of trading that can make you money from home. It is online trading or the buying and selling of financial securities. Goods that cannot be touched by hand but that get real money into the current account.

Online trading consists of the purchase of financial products from companies listed on the main world markets and in the subsequent immediate sale of the same products to obtain a capital gain. A job that is always done on the computer, through a digital platform made available by authorized companies, known as online brokers, who will have to pay a commission as an intermediary.

This activity can help you to round up your salary consistently (to double it if you are good, in the event that your monthly income is around 1,500 / 2,000 euros) or to become a professional in the sector. Provided, however, that you go there with lead feet and do not fall into the temptation to take the longest step: never invest more than what you have, because if you don’t get the results you expected, trouble begins.

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Earn money from home without doing anything

Confess the idea of earning money from home without doing anything that appeals to you. And who wouldn’t want it? Rather, you will wonder how this is possible. There are several solutions.

The first: the polls. You will not have to move a finger, or rather: you will have to do it but only on the keyboard of your PC or smartphone to surf the Internet like every day. Let me explain.

There are companies that pay ordinary citizens like you to download on their electronic device (a computer or a mobile phone or tablet) an app capable of detecting their web browsing habits while respecting privacy. In this way, a sample of consumers who visit a particular site rather than another is created.

This allows those who monitor your browsing to know what your interests are, if and where you shop online and which products you choose, etc. All in exchange for a fee or a gift certificate to be spent on certain points of sale: payment for goods is always convenient if instead of earning money from home you have the option not to spend it to get what you need.

Another way to earn money from home without doing anything is by investing in real estate. If you already own a home that you don’t use, renting it is the best way to earn money from home without doing anything. If you do not have it, but there are some savings on the side, there is always the possibility of helping you with a mortgage to take a house (even at auction) for the same purpose: with the rent money you pay the installment of the loan and once the debt is paid off, the rest will be all earnings.

Speaking of savings, in case you don’t want to bother being a “landlord” by buying a house to rent, another way to make your money work and earn money without doing anything is to buy investment securities. Just keep yourself updated on how much they make and on possible alternatives. If you don’t want to do that either, there is always the alternative: rely on a financial advisor to do it for you.


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