Home business ideas in 2021

Today we all know perfectly well that you can run a business from home without any obstacles. But .. where to start? Which industry to choose? What business is worth starting today?

In practice, a home business is usually an online business. Even if you decide to write books or sew clothes for children, the chain will be a place to sell or promote them.

When you realize the enormous potential of internet businesses, you may come up with a brilliant idea yourself. In the meantime, we encourage you to get to know our proposals for a home business. Ready? Let’s start!

Explore our home business ideas!

  • Ideas for your own company is a very broad topic. Before you focus on their list, however, think about what you know and love to do – and how others could benefit from your skills or hobbies.
  • Today, one of the better ideas is online sales. You can do it through an online store or a marketplace platform.
  • When choosing your idea for starting a business, you cannot forget about the related formalities. In some cases, you can avoid them by running undeclared activities.

Table of Contents

Start with the basics, or how to find inspiration for business?

Before we get into specific ideas, we’ll tell you how to find inspiration. It may turn out that the list below will not be needed at all.

1. Convert your passion / hobby into a business idea

There are legends about earning on passion. This is something most of us strive for, but only a few manage to achieve it. Perhaps, however, you are interested in something that may be of interest to a wider audience. If this is the case, you can certainly make money on it.

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Examples? If you love creating handicrafts, you can start selling them on the Internet. Or maybe you are passionate about foreign languages? You can make money selling courses or just giving lessons online.

2. Solve other people’s problems

Your idea will not be successful if it does not respond to the real needs of the market. Before you implement it, you must make sure that the solution you have developed is in demand.

You can check the interest of consumers in particular services or products using the Google Trends tool. It will also be a good idea to conduct surveys – even among friends.

3. Use an existing business idea

Your idea doesn’t have to be revolutionary. Nothing prevents you from being inspired by existing companies. Of course, it is not about mapping their operation 1 to 1, but rather about improving certain solutions.

Remember that Zalando was not the first online clothing store, and Uber was not the first shipping company. However, they managed to win the hearts of numerous customers around the world with innovative solutions or simply perfect adaptation to the requirements of modern consumers.

Types of e-commerce business ideas

We will start the list of inspirations for business with those related to the e-commerce industry. It creates many opportunities – especially for beginner entrepreneurs.

1. Own online store

The latest data shows that 73% of Polish internet users buy online today. Even people who were skeptical about them before and who bought only in brick-and-mortar stores are convinced of online shopping today.

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Why is your own online store a good idea to start your first business?

  • The e-commerce industry is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the market.
  • Thanks to easily available software, launching your own online store is simple and very fast.
  • Running an online store does not require a lot of initial capital.

How to open your own online store?

Setting up your own online store does not have to involve the involvement of programmers or independent website design. By choosing ready-made software for online stores, such as  Offerer, you can launch the ready-made store even in 1 day – seriously, seriously. Importantly,  you won’t need technical or graphic skills for this.

 Sale on Allegro

You don’t want to worry about buying a domain and operating the store? You can try your hand at being a seller on  Allegro  – the most popular online sales portal in Poland, which is already visited by 18 million users per month.

To start, you only need to create an account, establish cooperation with a wholesaler and set the rules for shipping products. You can handle orders from the Offerer administration panel.

Allegro tries very hard to ensure that Internet users buy there. It does it, for example, with Allegro coins or the SMART program.  So you will definitely be able to find potential customers there.

Remember, however, that Allegro charges a commission for each transaction. Therefore, the most effective and profitable solution will be to run an online store and sell on Allegro at the same time.


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