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I personally use this model, but it is very difficult to achieve high income in this case. The problem is that the commissions are usually very low. If, for example, you “sell” a product for PLN 90 and the commission is 3% – count how many products you have to sell in a month to really earn. You can check out various affiliate programs yourself, for example here: 

Of course, there are people who earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing. Most often, however, they operate globally – promoting products offered on Amazon and other well-paid programs. This, however, requires creating a lot of English content. It also requires the ability to promote content, i.e. creating advertisements in social media and search engines.

As I mentioned, I use affiliate programs myself, but I treat this activity more as “additional” earnings, bringing from several hundred to several thousand zlotys a month. In my opinion, this is a very time-consuming idea, difficult to scale, and it is more of an activity for “marketing troublemakers”.

Sales through Amazon, Allegro and eBay sales platforms

In this case, you do not need an online store, and in some cases, you do not even need the goods. This way you can, for example, run on Amazon KDP, where you create print products that are printed by Amazon only after purchase (this is called Print On Demand). It looks a bit different in the case of eBay or our local Allegro.

Still, you do not need to create an online store, maintain it, update it. And most importantly – you don’t have to be a marketing stagger to sell something, because the sales platforms are visited by millions of people.

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So what’s the catch?

Except that it is not “your” business. Your business will depend on your platform. Amazon can block your account at any time. On Allegro, a few dissatisfied customers can ruin your reputation with negative comments. Again, many elements are out of your control. Another thing – such activity requires experience and knowledge. While Allegro itself is not problematic, selling via Amazon is not easy at all.

So I think it is an interesting option to start or as an additional sales channel. I mean a situation in which you have your own online store, and additionally, you use sales platforms.

As you can see, selling products over the Internet is not easy at all. But you don’t actually have to sell anything

Online Services – Home Business Idea

Here’s the way out of the situation. You don’t have to sell anything at all. If you have any knowledge – you can offer your services online. Here is an example: an in-house marketing agency. You operate only remotely, conducting advertising campaigns on the Internet for clients from all over Poland and even abroad. For this, all you need is a website and customer acquisition skills.

If you only have knowledge about a topic and skills – this is a very nice option. Anyway, sometimes only passion is enough. Two fortune tellers live nearby who offer their services online.

However, it is not an easy activity for everyone. First, you need to have specific skills. Second, you need to be able to get customers. Third – you have to like working with clients. I mean, for example, telephone calls on Sundays at twelve in the night, because that is when the client has time to talk.

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This, of course, is not the last option. You can create applications or other digital products. Generally, there are many ways to earn money online.

The question is, what is the best option to start? Is there anything that is easier and safer to start with?

Educational products and expertise

What each of us needs is KNOWLEDGE! And it’s a great home business idea.

If you’re reading this sentence, it’s probably because you’ve been interested in how to create a profitable online home business. You are looking for knowledge and solutions in this text. And in my opinion, basing your online business on KNOWLEDGE may not be the fastest, but relatively simple and safe idea to start.

It will still be a faster way than starting production of your own products. Easier than selling physical products you need to have in stock, you have to package, ship and worry about being returned.

What is most important, however, is the most financially effective method. In this case, you can offer various knowledge-based services such as consulting, Mastermind groups. You can create your own products, such as info-products, that do not require a large financial investment. By this I mean e-books, courses and other digital downloads. So you don’t have to “buy” or produce products, keep them in stock and pay for shipping. Think, from a book worth PLN 50 sold in an online store, about PLN 15 will probably go to your pocket. From a self-published e-book for PLN 50 – PLN 50 will go to your pocket.

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What is the most difficult in this model?

In my opinion, consider yourself an “expert”.

If you look at my website, you will probably consider me a professional. But I often have doubts in my mind, such as:

Maybe I shouldn’t advise in marketing because they’re better.

My achievements are too low.

I have little knowledge.

But then I often get positive emails from my recipients. Or they even write to me – Wojtek, say it easier because I don’t understand.

What do I mean by this?

That most “experts” do not really consider themselves to be experts. Each of us has doubts. However, if you have any passion, it’s worth taking off. Just start.

Approach it this way, the way I approach cars:

I suspect that 99% of people in Poland know more about cars than I do. For me, an expert will be not only a mechanic but also my friend or Youtuber.


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