Home Business: 6 solutions to get started seriously

There are many trades that you can practice in your own living room , without having to travel. As we often mention in our articles, some choose web design, others sell their products on the Internet – while one can also consider the putting under cover at home or starting as remote secretary . In fact, there are a thousand and one ways to make money from home (we have even started to establish a Top of the most interesting trades at home ).

A real organization remains essential if we want to work well enough for the activity to become really lucrative . To help you make a living from home, here are some always-useful organizational tips. You will see that a little seriousness is required, but that in the end these are simple rules of common sense.

1. Define working hours

You might think that you are shooting yourself in the foot by setting work schedules, even though you have the freedom to organize yourself as you wish . However, while this flexibility can help you take better care of your children or easily make personal appointments in the middle of the morning, it shouldn’t hurt your productivity.

So, as much as possible, you should work set hours , which you choose according to your requirements and preferences. This habit also allows you to include time for rest , so you don’t get overwhelmed by endless days.

2. Install your station comfortably

How to work in an environment that is not conducive to well-being  ? Logically, you should feel good and free from anxiety in your home office. Ideally, this is a room that you have specially fitted out for your professional activity.

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In addition, bet on the functional aspect of this space: storage, location of the computer, seat position, nothing should be left to chance. A good desk includes everything you need to perform your usual tasks, but also a minimum of comfort: ergonomic seat, natural light, coffee maker, etc.

3. Make your family aware of their activity

When you practice on your own and are your own boss, friends and family easily tend to believe that you can break free at any time . Take the time to explain to your loved ones that you occupy a genuine position at home , which naturally involves dealing with imperatives. In short, your children and your spouse, for example, must understand that you are not available for them during your working hours , except in emergencies.

If you have young children, know that the combination of your job and the status of mother may be a real source of stress, while holding you back in your professional progress. Also, we strongly recommend that you take care of young people who are not of school age .

4. Spend time in contact with others

There is a trap in which many independents tend to get confused: social confinement . Concretely, since you work at home, you no longer go out – and hardly see anyone on a daily basis, apart from those close to you. In this sense, you absolutely must plan time away from the house , communicate with your friends and keep in touch with the outside world, if only to preserve your psychological balance.

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As part of your professional activity, go to conferences related to your theme, in order to meet people (which sometimes prove fruitful afterwards, because they can give rise to new collaborations). Offer interviews with your clients and, if loneliness really weighs you down, don’t hesitate to go to coworking spaces!

5. Knowing how to get to work

While some people carrying out their professional activity from their home have difficulty letting go of the computer and tend to accumulate hours , others, on the contrary, cannot get to work . To make a living at home, you need a lot of willpower and a certain amount of self-control, all assets that not everyone naturally possesses.

In order to help you behave like a good independent professional, start by ritualizing your working days  :

  1. dress as if you were going to the office,
  2. take out all your folders or open all the applications on your computer,
  3. remove any source of distraction,
  4. and really prepare yourself.

Of course, the advantage of independence lies in the possibility of earning money while remaining in your pajamas … But this habit does not generally benefit productivity!

6. Rhythm your days

When you work alone, without interaction with anyone and without a superior to prepare a schedule, you can quickly fall into monotony . Against this, a few tips exist: ideally, you should not spend more than two hours on the same job, while remembering to take regular breaks.

You inevitably have administrative details to settle , work that requires the maximum of your concentration and lighter missions . Organize your time so that simple tasks take place when you need to slow down, while planning your complex exercises for times when you are usually doing your best.

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Anyone can find their way and make a living from home. You can achieve this through the internet in particular . But to be seriously successful, you must leave no room for chance in your daily life… Because organization is the secret of all self-employed workers!


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