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Homeworking is developing at full speed, driven by the possibilities offered by the Internet and the dynamism of companies already looking to the future. Working at home is a comfortable solution for many people looking for additional income or even full employment.

Working from home is a satisfying way to earn money, you keep total control over your working time and your remuneration: choice of hours, but also the possibility of freely setting the price of your services according to your experience and your monthly income objectives. Telemarketing, a widely recognized marketing method, is now open to self-employed workers who wish to work from home. JobPhoning connects companies needing telemarketing to promote their products or services and home teleoperators. Our structure will allow you to develop freely month after month in teleprospection, whether you already have significant experience or whether your idea is to get into this sector.

Earn money from home by becoming a freelance telemarketer

You have the idea to work from home and earn money on time, freely. Telemarketing at home is a rapidly developing profession that can meet your expectations.

Our platform accommodates several types of profiles. This system may be ideal for you if you are an experienced teleprospector looking for an additional salary or wishing to exercise this profession as a self-employed person. But JobPhoning also opens its doors to beginners. If this is your case, your motivation and your qualities will allow you to prove your worth and exercise this profession. You will also be able to develop your potential by following our training courses in tele-prospecting.

This profession requires above all solid human qualities, qualities that you must possess and which will only develop even more with experience. Your major asset, and your main working tool, will be your voice, your ability to transmit a smile, warmth and dynamism simply with your words and intonations.

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Every time you call a prospect, you represent the company that hired you. Your smile, your eloquence and your way of arguing are all elements that will put the prospect in confidence and which will return an excellent image of the client for whom you carry out the mission.

A good telemarketer must also have a real commercial temperament. You will have to convince and reassure prospects, make them want to listen to you, but also answer their questions and objections. Your ability to listen will be a definite advantage in getting around every problem and getting to the end of your mission. You have to like challenges, be determined. Call scripts may be offered to you depending on the missions, in order to facilitate your work. Even if you are just starting out, you will be able to complete missions if you are motivated. In addition, with experience, your argument will gain in precision and efficiency.

Working as an independent teleoperator also requires more practical qualities. You decide which missions you accept and you create your own agenda according to your objectives, it is total freedom that many will envy you, but it also means that you will have to organize yourself as well as possible to keep your commitments. Each month, the money earned will depend solely on your work and your ability to manage your assignments. You will need to show rigor and perseverance, as well as motivation, to organize your work time as well as possible and achieve your goal.

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Making money from home on the Internet is an effective way to balance career and freedom. You can accept daily assignments or on the contrary work only a few days a month. You organize your working time according to your earning goal, a goal that you can set each month according to your availability or your projects. For example, if you are planning a large purchase or a trip, you can simply take on more assignments to increase your income. Conversely, if your availability is less important, you can slow down when you want and for the duration that suits you. It’s up to you!

The Benefits of Telemarketing to Make Money

Telemarketing is one of the marketing techniques most used by companies oriented BtoC (product or service intended for private customers) and BtoB (intended for other companies). Demand is high to find telemarketers, whether internally or externally. To adapt to this growing demand, companies are increasingly opening up to homeshoring. Telemarketers can now exercise this profession directly from their homes. The advantages are numerous since you are your own boss: you decide the assignments you want to accomplish, you set your rate, you negotiate your working conditions, and you choose when and where you work. Few professions will allow you such freedoms:

However, some professionals do not yet dare to take the plunge. It can, in fact, be complicated to canvass companies yourself, to develop a professional network or to ensure that the services will be paid at their fair value, without unpleasant surprises and even more when you start. To get around these problems, going through a reputable intermediary and expert in homeshoring is essential.

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The guarantees offered on our connection platform

Our JobPhoning platform offers you the guarantees necessary to exercise your profession under the best conditions. You directly access many missions and calls for tenders. Our clients can also contact you to offer you exclusive private missions. You will remain free to accept or refuse each assignment, without having to justify yourself. Over time, you will develop your own network, because clients who have been convinced by your services during an assignment will inevitably want to work with you again rather than with strangers. Convincing customers to trust you will also allow you to negotiate your rates, which will further increase your income in the long term.

By going through JobPhoning, you are assured that each of the services you have performed will be paid. No bad surprises: the price and instructions for the mission are specified in the offer! We have also set up a messaging system to facilitate your exchanges with companies, quality monitoring is provided to offer everyone the best guarantees.

In addition, our platform takes care of administrative management, so that you can concentrate on your missions.

We work in complete transparency: you have no financial investment to make. To practice this profession and launch your new career as a freelance telemarketer, you will only need a computer, an Internet connection and a headset with microphone.


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